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It's time to write the story that only you can tell...

Do you...

Have a story to tell? 

Feel a calling to put your experiences into words?

Have a message that could help and inspire others?


But you…

Don’t know where to start,

still feel shame around parts of your story,

are overwhelmed by the writing process...


Don’t you wish the right words could just come through you? Easily?

They can.


We have an easy & fun process for you,

combining creativity, writing, mindfulness, and yoga for

a holistic approach to tap easily into your writing flow.

It’s channeling meets yoga meets writing for the coolest writing workshop ever!

Your story wants to be written.

And NOW it's finally time to begin by

Opening the Channel to Write Your Story


This one-of-a-kind experience includes full access to the online course,

bonus downloads, interactive workbook, and oracle card deck,

all designed to help you tap into your intuitive power and

fearlessly write your story with ease.

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